Video Mastery Masterclass
Video Mastery Masterclass

Video Mastery Masterclass

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This comprehensive and informative course will teach you how to use Video to drive much more traffic to boost an existing business or create additional revenue streams to massively increase profits

The Video Mastery Masterclass Course is an on-line, video-based training course with lifetime access.

Developed by the highly respected CPD & NCFE accredited Internet Business School - one of the UK’s top sources of online business training and presented by Jay Hastings. The course provides individuals with all the necessary information and training in order to set up and run their own Video Marketing Consultancy business.

As you progress through this comprehensive course, which runs for over 3 1/2 hours, you will be taught by a top Video Marketing expert and be provided with practical hands-on advice you can follow to get results fast., will teach individuals not only how-to set-up and run a successful Video Marketing business but also offer expert guidance, tips and suggested strategies to employ whilst running the business.

 What you'll learn

  • Understand the purpose of using Videos
  • How to create professional videos and share them online
  • Why you need to take videos in advertising seriously
  • Case examples of local businesses and affiliate marketing
  • Planning what type of video should you create and the purpose of it
  • Essential video tools – Smartphones are good enough for most purposes
  • Step by step guide on creating a video – Don’t need to be an expert photographer

The Video Mastery course will include the following 14 videos:

Video Mastery 1A: Promoting your Business

  • Introduction

  • The Power of video – Why you need to take video seriously

Video Mastery 1B: Video Marketing Mastery

  • How to make money from video

Video Mastery 2A: How to make money from videos

  • Local Business Video Marketing

Video Mastery 2B: How to make money from videos

  • Local Business Video Marketing (continued)

Video Mastery 3A: Using Video to promote Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

Video Mastery 3B:  Educational Videos

  • Educational video examples
  • Selling Products
  • Selling Products Examples

Video Mastery 4: Build a community 

  • Building a community (YouTubers)

Video Mastery 5A: What type of Video should I create?

  • Planning objectives for your video
  • Video Essentials
  • Video Creation Checklist
  • Videos Examples

Video Mastery 5B: Animation Video creation alternatives 

  • Tools to create videos and slides
  • Live Examples

Video Mastery 6: Video creations

  • Creating Videos – Live examples

Video Mastery 7A: Video creations (Cont.)

  • Creating Videos – Live examples, continued
  • Video Views & Traffic
  • How to rank your videos on Google using keywords
  • Traffic – Video Marketing

Video Mastery 7B: Market research 

  • Keyword Planner for search volume
  • Google Trends – Identify Growing Markets
  • Market Samurai – More Detailed Data
  • Market Research - Outsourcing

Video Mastery 8A: Setting up Youtube Traffic

  • Traffic – YouTube Set Up
  • Traffic – On Page SEO
  • Personalising your YouTube Channel

Video Mastery 8B: Personalising your YouTube channel 

  • Personalising your YouTube Channel, continued
  • YouTube Ads – How to piggyback of highly popular videos
  • Popular Video Platforms

You can run a successful Video Marketing Business, either full-time or Part-time and this course will show you how.