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WordPress Beginner

WordPress Beginner

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In order to become an effective and competent WordPress Consultant you must learn the basics. This course will cover everything you need to know for you to quickly and easily create professional looking websites.

The WordPress Beginner Course is an on-line, video-based training course with lifetime access.

The powerful ideas and practical techniques you are about to enjoy were developed by the highly respected Internet Business School (CPD & NCFE accredited) - one of the UK’s top sources of online business training. The course provides individuals with all the necessary information and training in order to set up and run their own WordPress Consultancy business.

As you progress through this comprehensive and informative course, which runs for over 3 hours, you will learn all the basics, you will be taught by a top WordPress expert and be provided with practical hands on advice you can follow to get results fast. It will teach you not only how to set up and run a successful WordPress business but also offer expert guidance, tips and suggested strategies to employ whilst running the business

What you'll learn:

  • What is Wordpress and how to use it effectively
  • Understanding the general settings and how to configure Wordpress
  • Using Plug-ins and working with widgets
  • How to make Wordpress search engine friendly
  • Customer a theme using the editor
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Managing the Wordpress Dashboard and user roles

The WordPress Beginners Course will include the following 7 videos:

Video 1A: Introduction – What is WordPress and how to use it efficiently

  • How to install this free software and what the advantages are
  • Quick and easy guide to creating a small business or professional website
  • What you need to set up your WordPress site
  • How to purchase domain names and update server names

 Video 1B: Introduction – What is WordPress and how to use it efficiently

  • Step –by-step guide on how to set up a hosting site, domain name and combine them together with WordPress
  • Using WordPress plugins and other useful plugins and widgets
  • Make it SEO friendly – get a better rank of sites like Google
  • Using the editor to customise the theme
  • How to use Popups and other Marketing tools

Video 2A: Hosting Accounts and Domains

  • In depth review of free demos and paid for themes to build your page content

Video 2B: Hosting Accounts and Domains

  • How to find pre made content and articles/blogs to add to your website
  • Customise the appearance and effects of your webpages

 Video 3A: Pages v Posts

  • Explanation of the difference between using posts and webpages and which is more suitable for your specific needs
  • Use images and link videos from YouTube to your website

Video 3B: Pages v Posts

  • How to analyse successful websites that use WordPress and detect which plugins they use – you can add them to yours!
  • Guide on searching for and installing Plugins and how to use them
  • See how your website is viewed on a Google search – optimise your keywords and readability

Video 4: Menu, Widgets, Security Certificates and Pop Ups

  • How to add menus and widgets and customise their structure and appearance
  • Make your website secure using SSL certificates and anti-spam Plugins
  • Create different types of Popups to advertise offers or invite your audience to sign up