Create a Webstore Fast
Create a Webstore Fast

Create a Webstore Fast

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 How To Get An Online Shop Up & Running In A Matter of Hours

This Webstores Course is an on-line, video-based training course with lifetime access.

The powerful ideas and practical techniques you are about to enjoy were developed by the highly respected CPD & NCFE accredited Internet Business School - one of the UK’s top sources of online business training.

As you progress through this comprehensive and informative course, which runs for over

3 ½ hours, you will learn all the basics, you will be taught by a top Webstore expert and be provided with practical hands on advice you can follow to get results fast., will teach individuals not only how-to set-up and run a successful Webstore business but also offer expert guidance, tips and suggested strategies to employ whilst running the business.

What you'll learn

  • Why Web Shops and Getting Started
  • Products & Images
  • Shop Details
  • Domain Names
  • Tax, Currency and Delivery
  • Checkout, Cart and Abandoned Carts
  • Payments (using Klarna)
  • Orders & Stock
  • Configuring Email
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Mobile Shops
  • Test Shop
  • Next Steps

 The Webstores course will include the following 5 videos:

Video 1: EKM Powershop (EKM Platform)

  • EKM Powershop allows you to build a webshop very quickly

 Video 2A: Getting started

  • Getting started – Sign up and start
  • Registering / Logging On
  • Navigate EKM (creating your shop)
  • Adding Images, web pages & Photos
  • Categories
  • Products – Adding your product details

Video 2B: Settings: Domain Names

  • Build a site to sell
  • Products & Images
  • Shop Details
  • Setting Domain Names / Managing Your Domain
  • Shopping Cart
  • Using the marketing tab

Video 3A: Settings: Domain Names continued 

  • Understand when to use a web shop / Creating a web shop

 Video 3B: Creating a web shop, continued

  • Creating a web shop, continued
  • Checkout / Payments (using Klarna)

 You can run a successful Webstores Business, either full-time or Part-time and this course will show you how.