Crowdfunding Masterclass

Crowdfunding Masterclass

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Learn how to raise funds online for any idea, project or service using the power of Crowdfunding

This Crowdfunding Course is an online, video-based training course with lifetime access.

The powerful ideas and practical techniques you are about to enjoy were developed by

the highly respected CPD & NCFE accredited Internet Business School - one of the UK’s top sources of online business training.

As you progress through this comprehensive course, which runs for more than five hours, you will be taught by a top Crowdfunding expert and be provided with practical hands-on advice you can follow to get results fast. It will teach you not only how-to set-up and run a successful Crowdfunding Campaign but also offer expert guidance, tips and suggested strategies to employ whilst running the campaign

 What you'll learn:

  • The 4 main types of CrowdFunding
  • Examples of Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Niche Crowdfunding Platforms
  • The benefits of CrowdFunding
  • Downsides to CrowdFunding
  • Future Trends
  • Success factors
  • FAQs to running your own Crowdfunding Campaign